Divorce can be one of the most trying times in a persons life. Along with the emotional struggles one may face, there are a lot of legal decisions that must be made. Soler Law cares about each of its clients concerns and understands the struggles you may face. We are here to assist you as you navigate through the legal process.

Soler Law can assist you with properly filing the divorce with the court, dividing maritial assets and property, resolving debt issues and dividing martial debts appropriately, determining issues such as custody and support of there are children involved, requesting spousal support when appropriate, drafting a final Judgment of Divorce, and much more.

If you wish to begin a divorce, but are concerned that doing so may put you in harms way, please know your contact without office will be absolutely confidential. Please make us aware of your concerns and we can develop a safety plan on your behalf and direct you to the appropriate resources.

If you are unable to afford our full legal services, or wish to handle the divorce process on your own, but are finding you need a little help understanding and drafting the proper paperwork needed, Soler Law offers legal document preparations services that may interest you. For a minimal flat fee, Soler Law will draft all of your paperwork necessary to begin and finalize a divorce and file them with the court on your behalf. Please note, if you choose this option Soler Law will not be representing you as your attorney. For more information on these services call us today at (616) 805-1740.